Boost your mind and body with a “Funtervention”

Boost your mind and body with a “Funtervention”

I hear many business owners and leaders telling me how they are fatigued, distracted and feeling low in energy. It’s been a rough couple of years, and many of us are running a bit low on fuel. So what can we do about this?

Research from Yale University shows that consciously injecting more fun into our lives – a “funtervention” – can not only improve mental health and help prevent burnout but also improve physical health

And this is where we can get caught in a vicious circle – the events of the last couple of years have left people feeling tired and worn out. And yet the more tired we are, the less likely we are to prioritise fun because we are too tired.

So if we can make a conscious effort to to inject some fun into our lives, we become more energised and productive.

What does “fun” even look like?

Firstly, it is active.   Not sitting on the couch with  Netflix – that might be fine for rest and relaxation, but it doesn’t inject “fun”.

Instead, find something active that boosts your mood and is playful in some form.  Consider what fun feels like for you, and think of times in the past when you have laughed and enjoyed yourself.  It might be goofy moments of dancing in the lounge to your favourite music, or sport with friends, or playing a game……the options are endless.

Playfulness is amazing for the brain!

When we laugh, our cortisol levels drop, it relieves tension and boosts the immune system.

Laughing also releases endorphins which help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

And when our body and body are relaxed, we can be more creative, we can focus better, and we can be more engaged with other people and the world around us.

Give yourself permission to play

Fun and playfulness are essential for your mental and physical health, so why not prioritise it!

What is getting in your way of having more fun? Make a list of your excuses and see if they are “real” excuses or you are getting in your own way.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do (our hardwired negativity bias), reframe it to what you could do or what you can do – this simple shift in mindset can be so empowering.

What are some ways that you could inject a little bit of fun into your day? Better still, how can you encourage fun with others, so they can benefit too?

If everybody prioritised fun, the world would be a happier, healthier and safer place!

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Carley Nicholson
[email protected]