Effective Communication Workshop

Drive Results. Connect Teams. Achieve More. 


This fun, informative and interactive programme will help your people understand different personalities and shows how you can improve the way you communicate to build more productive, effective relationships at work and in life.


This programme is specifically designed to:

  • Improve communication with colleagues, customers, and all other stakeholders.
  • Build better relationships to influence productivity and growth with internal and external customers i.e., management, sales, service, projects, and operations.
  • Connect teams to build collaboration, drive performance and develop positive, productive work cultures.
  • Reduce miscommunication or conflict at work.


The programme includes online learning (approx 2.5 hours) at the learner’s own pace, and follows up with a half day workshop to bring the learning to life!


What we cover:

  • Communication preferences – the different communication styles
  • Discover your own preferences by completing the pre-workshop questionnaire.
  • Characteristics and behaviours of the four communication styles
  • Team insight – a map of your own teams’ preferences
  • What each style prefers and how to adapt your style to improve communication.
  • Thinking style: focus on information versus relationship.
  • Speaking Style: words, body language, voice
  • How to identify the different communication preferences
  • Thriving at work – what different people need to be successful at work.
  • Contribution to team- the value each communication style brings to their role, team, or work.
  • Team in action – putting thing in action a practical application exercise.


Facilitated by Carley Nicholson


What previous participants have said:

“A very informative training that will help management and employees to deal with different personalities”

“Quite a good tool to improve communication in the workplace. And a chance to understand yourself better”

“The learning experience is new, interesting and very helpful specially with the industry I currently work in”


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