Are your people feeling the pressure?


There are many workplaces in which people are feeling tired, overwhelmed, unfocused, fatigued and overloaded.


With constant connectivity, increasing work demands, blurred work/home boundaries, uncertainty and change, and strong economic factors, it is no wonder that employees are at an increased risk of workplace conflict, tension, aggression, mental health decline, and even burnout.


Help your people with proven practical tools to support a healthy, thriving workplace.

Peace Under Pressure is NOT a quick-fix – the programme is specially designed to embed long-term sustained positive behaviours in the workplace.


There are 4 parts to Peace Under Pressure:


1. Understand – Measure if your people are struggling and understand what support they need.

2. Empower – Arm your people with the tools they need to thrive under pressure.

3. Perform – Your people will practice applying the new behaviours in the workplace.

4. Sustain – Embed the new normal by reinforcing new behaviours and positive change.


This programme will:

  • increase focus and engagement
  • maximise productivity
  • communicate more effectively
  • help your people manage stress effectively
  • help them respond effectively and intentionally to emotions
  • encourage self-leadership and personal accountability
  • enhance teamwork and cultivate a sense of connection within the team


This 6-10 month flexible programme is specially designed to engage your employees and support long-term embedded improvements in workplace behaviours


We use only science-based strategies whilst providing an interactive, informative and engaging experience !


Employees will be equipped with PRACTICAL tools and skills that they can start using straight away, and they will be empowered to take responsibility for how they show up at work, so they can be the best version of themselves.




Examples of just some of the content covered:

  • recognising and adapting to different communication styles and preferences
  • identify strengths and gaps in your team, and the impact on performance
  • how different people respond to stress and the impact this has on the team
  • communicating more assertively
  • courageous conversations
  • communicating to positively impact relationships and team performance
  • develop emotional agility techniques to take control of emotions
  • recognise how to respond to uncomfortable emotions with intention and grace
  • practical tools for calming the mind and better focus
  • how to reduce distractions and thought-drifting
  • how to work smarter , not harder
  • get more done without depleting your valuable energy
  • recharge mental, emotional and physical energy for optimal performance
  • creating the “new normal” in our own workplace
  • keeping ourselves accountable for how we show up
  • and so much more!


Workshops are offered as a combination of on-site and online to maximise the interaction, engagement and accessibility for all participants.


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