Resilience Training – Faciliated Workplace Programmes

As a Consultant and Accredited Resilience Coach with The Resilience Institute, Carley supports organizations and workplaces of all industries and sizes with programs and training that deliver physical, emotional and mental well-being.


The results are MEASURABLE and tangible – measure the outcomes with engaged employees, reduced risk and increased performance.


Employees will be equipped with PRACTICAL tools and skills that they can start using straight away, and they will be empowered to take responsibility for their own resilience and wellbeing .


Resilience training consists of a blend of digital and facilitated programs that guide participants through an evidence-based framework of learning. This equips them with a set of skills to navigate change, stay well and perform at their best.


✔️ Diagnostic Assessment – The Resilience Diagnostic assessment enables measurement of programme impact while providing each participant with a confidential, customised blueprint of their own resilience, including action tips, resources and recommendations. Click here to learn more about the global research behind this tool.

✔️ The Resilience App – a toolkit in your pocket, that enables participants to measure, learn and build resilience.  Click here to learn more.

✔️ Workshops – face to face sessions delivered by an accredited facilitator. Available in multiple formats – from 1 hour to multiple days.

✔️ Accountability conversations – helping participants create their own action plan to develop and implement their own wellbeing habits

✔️ Webinars – engaging and accessible learning experiences featuring practical tips and insights.

✔️ Weekly communications – practice tips and promotional videos to reinforce core concepts


Measurable Results – Our training delivers tangible results, with improvements demonstrated across all 60 factors of resilience, from bounce to flow.


Content is customised to the needs of your team – examples of topics that may be covered (but not limited to):

• signs of stress, resilience failure and proven strategies to ‘bounce back’
• securing quality sleep
• calming the nervous system when under stress
• effective daily practices for day-to-day wellbeing
• finding FLOW for optimal performance
• the science of building effective healthy habits
• regulating emotions
• and much much more!


Does this sound like something your team could benefit from?  Let’s talk!

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