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We are a small team that works under considerable pressure to meet significant annual fundraising targets. The session was well received by everyone and Carley provided some excellent practical suggestions and advice on how to prioritise personal wellbeing in this type of environment.

Carley’s presentation was well-paced and kept everyone engaged throughout. She struck a good balance of professionalism whilst also being a very genuine and warm person, her wealth of knowledge and experience were evident throughout the session.

We have certainly taken plenty away from this session that will help us to flourish as individuals and collectively as a team.

Rachael McNutt
Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

My company provided the Resilience Course as an employee benefit.

I was a little sceptical in the beginning as I’ve done some similar work in the past and felt there might not be much benefit in it for me.

I was pleasantly surprised. While I had heard some of the concepts before there is a lot of new content and everything is very well formatted in the App.

I’ve been in my current role for 10 months and at the start of this course I was experiencing a fair bit of overwhelm. The job is incredibly demanding and there is virtually no down-time.

With the tools and tricks, I learned I am now better able to focus and cope no matter the workload.

Another surprising thing I got from participating was closer relationship with my colleagues. We genuinely care for and look out for each other more now.

I highly recommend this course

Bill McGavock, Auckland

By halfway through our first session I had been handed the tools I needed, along with clear instructions for use, that have changed my life forever… and then we went on to surround that with so very much more.

In terms of personal development this has been the journey of a lifetime, a clear and decisive game changer for me.

So, If you are open to change, you’ve come to the right place

Grant (Wanaka)

Keep up the great work that you do. You are making a huge positive difference in people’s lives!


Your course has also helped me structure and organise my activities and add things to make them more enjoyable.


I’ve lost over 7kg, I feel happier, more relaxed, more production and yes, of course, resilient!


Bill (Auckland)

Carley was a great facilitator who was extremely engaging, fun and creative. She delivered a fantastic course that was very informative and useful for us all.

Honda NZ
Honda NZ, Feb 2023

I had the pleasure of being coached by Carley through the First Steps funding, which was offered to Auckland business owners whose mental health had been negatively impacted by the lockdowns of 2020/2021.

My experience of the lockdowns made me realise that while I am a generally positive person, I struggled to cope with high stress situations and that in turn had a negative impact on my business and on my mental wellbeing.

My aim of the sessions I had with Carley was to be better equipped to handle my emotions during challenging situations and therefore handle them more effectively. I am happy to say that through the tools provided and the conversations over my 12 weeks of coaching I have transformed how I handle stress and setbacks.

As a result I’m able to recognise when my emotions are about to take over and use the tools and skills I learnt to gain clarity and find positive and productive ways to navigate the inevitable challenges that come with running a business.

I’ve also gained confidence in my overall ability to communicate and no longer worry about being seen as ‘too emotional’, which is something I was highly embarrassed of prior to reaching out to Carley for help.

Carley talks about learning to ‘bounce forward’, which is to not only handle setbacks more effectively but to also use them to fuel your growth. I definitely feel like I’ve learned that skill and can already see the benefits both to my mental wellbeing and it’s also having a direct positive effect on my business results as well.

I highly recommend Resilience Coaching to anyone who feels like their emotions hold them back in any way. These are skills I wish I knew I could learn earlier, however I’m truly grateful to have had access to the tools and knowledge now. Carley’s wealth of knowledge and experience and passion for what she does shines through in her sessions, which makes the whole experience truly life-enhancing.

Michelle Keating
Dreamers Collective

I could not recommend Carley more highly. Firstly, for her intent ability to understand and hear what’s really going on in a persons’ life and career. And primarily for her infectious enthusiasm in shining a light on your own superpowers at the precise moment needed. She’s a treasure!

Susan Templeton
Niche Mortgages

The 3 month Resilience Boost coaching package with Carley has been an absolute game-changer for me.

Through spending time talking with Carley over an extended period of time, I’ve learned to navigate and bounce back from life’s challenges with strength and determination. The techniques and strategies Carley has taught me have empowered me to face my feelings head-on. I’ve now developed a resilient mindset that allows me to view setbacks as opportunities for growth. Rather than being overwhelmed by difficult situations, I now approach them with a sense of confidence and resourcefulness. I have the knowledge I need to get through whatever situation I’m in. This shift in perspective has helped me develop in many ways, both in work and personally.

Resilience coaching with Carley has equipped me with actual, practical tools to manage my anxiety and stress and to build emotional well-being. I’ve learned various quick mechanisms that help me maintain balance and inner strength throughout the day.

Overall, resilience coaching has been an invaluable investment in myself and for my employer. It has given me the resilience and inner confidence to face life’s challenges head-on, adapt to change, and thrive in the face of adversity. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build their emotional resilience and unlock their full potential.

Martin Hale (Auckland)

I attended Managing Your Stress workshop hosted by Carley. Usually these events have my mind wandering but not this one. Time was up before I knew it.

Carley’s presentation was outstanding, she keeps your interest and all her knowledge is valuable. I have taken away some really useful tools to easily incorporate in my daily routine. Really recommend!

Ruth Smallwood - Owner
Alternative Bread Company

Towards the conclusion of 2020, as we reflected back on the challenges we’d all experienced that year, Carley generously gifted her time to facilitate a ‘workplace resilience’ discussion with a group of People & Culture leaders brought together at an event hosted by Pohlen Partners.

Carley’s energy inspired storytelling and sharing of diverse experiences and ideas, adding value through probing and highlighting the variation of experiences, responses and learnings in different sectors.

Robyn Webb
Pohlen Partners

Thank you Carley for the value you provide to our EMA team and members in both our leadership and wellbeing portfolio. When it comes to building resilience and navigating adversity, you have a beautiful way of explaining the balance between performance and pressure and where our skills meet our challenges. Ultimately to support us in being the best versions of ourselves so we can grow as individuals and an organisation. Grateful to have your passion, knowledge and experience supporting our team at EMA.

Theresa Grainger - Head of Learning
EMA (Employers & Manufacturers Association)

Your session was very well received by our 70 staff members, they thought it was informative and enjoyed your delivery.

We would definitely like to have you back next term for the staff.

Jonathon Treadray
Principal, Northcross Intermediate School

We were lucky to have Carley in our store to present the Stress Less Masterclass to our Leadership Team. Carley was amazing – positive, engaging and very approachable. She got our team up and interacting while sharing very interesting information. Best part is we all walked away with actual tools we can use in everyday life to better our personal wellbeing and manage stress. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

Alex & Marcus TeBrake
New World

Carley is always positive, future-focused, and encouraging.

She shares her knowledge and insights in a way that is easy to grasp, and inspires those she works with to take action.

Daria Williamson
Strengths Deck Creator and Master Facilitator

Carley spoke to both our members and our team giving vital ideas to help combat the uncertainty in the world at this time. Her speaking ability is impeccable. We highly recommend her sessions.

Paul Richards
CEO, Club Physical

Carley’s workshop resonated with the audience and was a highlight of the event for majority of our clients. It was interactive, fun and engaging and presented very professionally. Carley shared some easy tips and tools to help people with daily stress in their day to day.

Director, Wellness Retreats

Carley was an excellent presenter, positive and interesting and interested. I would definitely recommend her.

Director, Spy Valley Wines

Carley is engaging, fun, straight forward and full of knowledge.

Tina Rose
Director, Education Unlimited

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