Peaceful, positive, productive workplaces

When people are working under pressure they can feel over-worked and overwhelmed becoming disengaged, burnt out and negative. But with the right tools and support long term, change that helps people feel empowered, confident and balanced is possible.

I’ve run my own business and been a leader in others, and I’ve observed that when people are under pressure they can’t perform as well as they could. I am passionate about giving people the tools they need to thrive when the heat is on and have fulfilling careers that impact the businesses they work for.
My Peace Under Pressure approach is the antidote to struggling under stress.



When people are under pressure, they can crack.

Give them the measurable tools they need to drive positive behaviours, be happy and perform in high-pressure environments.

Then watch your business thrive as your culture shifts to peaceful, positive and productive.

There are four pillars in my Peace Under Pressure process



Measure if your people are struggling and how much they’re struggling so you can put a robust plan in place to support them.



Arm your people with the tools they need to thrive under pressure so they stay longer and perform better.



Your people will practice applying the new behaviours in the workplace, building a healthy culture and a profitable business.



Embed the new normal – reinforcing new behaviours and positive change so the business benefits.

Peace Under Pressure offers so many benefits

✔️ Fewer sick days

✔️ Less conflict and tension

✔️ Increased productivity

✔️ Healthier communication behaviours

✔️ Team connection

✔️ Self-accountability

I’ve been in your shoes, as a business owner and leader and I know how hard it is to lead a team. If you’re anything like the clients I work with, you want to cultivate a culture where everyone thrives and you want the best for your people. The reality is though, you can only control so much. There are always going to be factors outside of your control that impact your people and it’s hard to see them suffering.


The good news is, you don’t have to have all the answers. Carley specialises in onsite training programs that empowers and enables your people to recover and move forward from challenging and difficult experiences, so they can thrive in the face of adversity.

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