Pressure Test for Teams

If you want to find out how your people are truly coping with pressure in the workplace, a Pressure Test can help you.


This free and anonymous Pressure Test will give you a good understanding of how your people are coping.  


It will help you better understand the needs and concerns of your people regarding communication and wellbeing in your workplace.


With these valuable insights, you can decide what you need to do to support them effectively.


The Pressure Test is delivered as an e-survey, which takes only 8 minutes for each person to complete.


The responses are strictly confidential – all data is anonymised before it is analysed for key themes.


Once all participants have completed the survey, and the results are aggregated and analysed.


From there, you will receive a comprehensive report and consultation, so you can create an action plan that will help your people – and your business – thrive.


The Pressure Test is currently free for a limited time so that more employees and businesses can benefit – because when people thrive, businesses thrive.


To find out if the Pressure Test is right for your team, simply book a free Discovery Call.

Is a Pressure Test right for your team?
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