Puzzle People : Communication, Productivity, Performance

Puzzle People helps you understand different personalities and shows how you can improve the way you communicate to build more productive, effective relationships at work and in life. Developed by professional corporate trainers who have lived and breathed this topic for the last 27 years, Puzzle People is based on human psychology.


In this one-day workshop, you will learn:

Part One:

  • Communication preferences – the four styles using Puzzle People.
  • Discover your own preferences by completing the Puzzle People questionnaire.
  • Characteristics and behaviours of the four communication styles
  • Team insight – a map of your own teams’ preferences
  • What each style prefers and how to adapt your style to improve communication.
  • Thinking style: focus on information versus relationship.
  • Speaking Style: words, body language, voice
  • How to identify the different communication preferences
  • Thriving at work – what different people need to be successful at work.
  • Contribution to team- the value each communication style brings to their role, team, or work.
  • Team in action – putting thing in action a practical application exercise.

Part Two:

  • When behaviours are extreme – impact on self, team, and others.
  • Perspectives – just as we communicate differently so are our perspectives.
  • Understand communication styles under stress – what do they say, do, feel: we will look at teams and people in under stress.
  • How to support and help people under stress? What can we say and do? How do we do it?
  • Motivation – how to influence and inspire others.
  • Sales – how product benefits are valued by different communication styles.


Learning how to thrive is the secret to a rich, full life that is productive, enjoyable and fulfilling, and it encompasses work, relationships, family, play and how we engage with the world around us.


Puzzle People helps solve the puzzle of people as you learn why people communicate and behave the way they do and how you can adapt your preferred style at times to be more successful in relationships or navigating certain situations

Our eLearning programme and/or workshops not only teach you what the four styles prefer when they communicate, they teach you how to use this model giving you practical skills to be much more successful in all relationships and things you do.


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