The Power Of Presence And Gratitude

What do presence and gratitude have to do with resilience?

A study by Harvard University has found that people spend 47% of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing – their mind is wandering and thinking about events that happened in the past of what might happen in the future, or may never happen at all!

The problem with a wandering mind is that it tends to cause unhappiness. By being present – by living in the moment and being aware and alert of what is going on right now – we can find true happiness.

And this is where gratitude comes in – by being truly aware of the present moment, we can find much to be grateful for – the kindness of a friend, the taste of our food, the sun on our skin, the beauty in nature, the love of close ones….there is so much around us that we can appreciate if we take notice.

Gratitude is strongly related to happiness and psychological wellbeing – less depression, less anxiety, less stress, and also related to high self esteem and better relationships.

So take a moment to be right here, right now, and notice what you notice. Then find something you can appreciate or be grateful for, and notice how good that feels.

Harness the power of presence and gratitude to support your resilience and wellbeing.


“We need to learn to want what we have, not to have what we want, in order to get stable and steady happiness.”
Dalai Lama[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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